Friday, December 18, 2009

eHow Writer's Compensation Program

I thought I would start off the first post about eHow's Writer's Compensation Program. It is one of the highest earning paid to write sites out there. It is incredibly popular and their articles have high placement in Google search results.

EHow pays you to write "How to" articles for their site.

However, in order to get paid to write eHow articles, you must sign-up for eHow's Writers Compensation Program (WCP). Sign-Up for eHow's WCP by going to this link and filling out the pertinent income.

EHow's exact earning matrix is not revealed but is believed to be a combination of the revenue from ads on your articles, the quality of your articles, the number of views of your articles, the comments on your article, and the ratings of your articles.

Therefore, the more articles you write and the better knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) you have, the more you will earn. In order to maximize your earnings, you want to learn as much about writing for eHow. There is a great book that explains how to write for eHow and how to earn as much as $1000 per month! You can check out the book here.

One of the great things about eHow is that the income is passive income. Meaning that you can write several articles and continue to earn money off of those articles long after you have written them. Write as many quality articles as you can and you will continue to earn.

EHow pays via Paypal at the beginning of each month provided you have earned at least $10.

At this time eHow does not pay for referrals and is only available legal residents of the US.

I will continue to update on this blog new tricks on how to earn with eHow and update my success and my earnings.

I joined September 1, 2009, but did not begin writing seriously until December of 2009. It usually takes about 30 days for articles to show up in Google search results and to really start earning, so my earnings are somewhat limited. From September to December I wrote about 25 articles. I wrote another 50 in December. My total earnings for September through December was $35.02. However, in just the first 3 days of January I have already earned $4.20. I also plan to continue writing and upping my article total. I will keep you updated on how it goes!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Introduction & Welcome

Everyone wants make more money, but what many people don't know is that there are dozens of sites online where you can earn money for writing articles or blogs. You don't need to be a professional writer, you just have to have the interest in a subject and the time to write an article or blog post on that subject. This blog's goal is to describe the various programs you can sign up for to get paid to write and provide a review of them. I will only include sites that are free to join. I am somewhat of a newbie to this, so as I learn more and succeed I will share what I have learned with the readers of this blog.