Thursday, September 25, 2014

Places That Help Pay Rent

A few years ago, I purchased on fiver 5 high paying, low competition keywords.  Sadly, I only wrote one article from the keywords (one of these days I'll get around to the others--I just found them so boring!)  The article I wrote was my Places That Help Pay Rent article on Infobarrel and it is my second most successful article on Infobarrel after Fungal Ear Infection Treatment (my first every Infobarrel article).  Check out my Places That Help Pay Rent article on Infobarrel and tell me what you think!  If you like the article and think it has useful information, please share it on your social media pages!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Make Money & Get Disney's Frozen on DVD or Blu-Ray for Free!

Disney, Walmart and TopCashBack are teaming up so that you can get a free copy of Disney's Frozen on DVD or Blu-Ray! (And for me--and probably you!, make a little money on top of that!)

The first step is to sign up for TopCashBack here.

Then search Walmart on the site and click the orange "cash back" button.

Once you get to the Walmart site, you will see that they are offering $17-$22 cash back and will offer you instructions on how to get the DVD for free.  The instructions are also below:
  • Click the orange "Get Cash Back Now" button to click through and shop at is key to getting the cash back & making some money!
  • Once at, search for Frozen and select either the regular DVD for $14.96 the Blu-Ray for $19.96.
  • Choose to have the DVD or Blu-Ray picked up at a nearby Walmart store or FedEx Office location.
  • For the DVD you will get $17.00 cash back(to cover the purchase price & taxes--shipping is free) and for the Blu-Ray you will get $22.00 cash back.

I ordered the regular DVD (the Blu-Ray was sold out) and with taxes my total cost was $15.91. Therefore, I will not only get the Frozen DVD for free, but I will make an extra $1.09 in cash back!

If you want to get the Frozen DVD for free and make a little extra money, hurry up and get started here because it's only good today (Friday, March 21, 2014)!