Friday, June 1, 2012

May, 2012 Earnings

After a long delay, I have a some free time, so I thought I'd give an update on my earnings from May, 2009.  I took a major vacation from writing and have barely written in months.  In December, I set myself some goals for what to earn by July 1 so my plan for June is to write, write, write in hopes of meeting the goals I meant to spend 7 months working on.

Squidoo Earnings: $79.84
Infobarrel Earnings: $2.01
Hubpages Earnings: $1.16
Triond Earnings:$0.93
Yahoo! Voices Earnings: $0.80
Bukisa Earnings: $1.03
Wizzley Earnings: $0

Total May, 2012 Earnings: $85.77

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My January, 2012 Earnings

I recently updated my Squidoo lenses regarding my January 2012 earnings (listed below) and the two biggest things I learned from my January earnings? 1. The amount you earn from Tier 1 lenses from Squidoo is a huge and significant jumpr form Tier 2 and Tier 3, and 2. It makes a huge difference when you actually write extra articles to increase how often your ads are shown on impressions of your articles with Infobarrel.

As you will see from my Squidoo Earnings, I made over $50 from one lens alone because it was a Tier 1 lens, bumping my entire earnings for the month of January to $65.55.  My goal is to find a way to keep promoting and creating lenses that will get enough traffic, likes, clickouts, and Amazon purchases to get as many Tier 1 lenses.

If you don't know, Infobarrel defaults that your ads are shown on 75% of the impressions of your articles.  However, you can write articles of certain length to earn points (500+ = 1 point, 800+ = 2 points, 1,000+ + 5 points) to increase your percentage to 80% for 20 points or 85% for 30 points.  For every article you write and submit to be featured (must be on a topic listed in monthly contest) you earn another 1% up to five for a potential total of 90% for the next month.  I did not write any articles for Infobarrel in November of December; therefore, my ad rate was 75% and believe it or not, it makes a huge difference.  My earnings tanked to $2.12 and $2.39 for December and January respectively.  In January, I wrote enough articles and submitted enough potential features to meet the 90% rate and boy does it make a difference.  On February 1st alone, I had 2 clicks on my Infobarrel articles worth $2.07--more than I made the entire month of January and then again, yesterday I had another click worth $2.22.  In four days with the 90% of impressions showing my ads, I doubled what I earned in all of January, so clearly it makes a difference.

One note that is particularly interesting is that all of my February clicks for Infobarrel articles so far have been on my Fungal Ear Infection Treatment article, which is the first article I wrote for Infobarrel.  Over the summer I had a particularly painful ear infection that turned out to be a fungal infection.  You can read about the whole story in the article, but one thing I found myself doing while in excruciating pain was searching for different treatment and home remedies for fungal ear infections.  Unfortunately, most Google searches turned up information about dog ear infections and other fungal infections such as yeast infections or Athlete's foot. Therefore, I took what information I learned from the limited articles about fungal ear infections and wrote my first Infobarrel article.  It goes towards my previous advice to write what you don't know.

Here are my earnings for January, 2012:
Squidoo: $65.44
Infobarrel: $2.39
Hubpages: $3.18
Triond: $2.20
Bukisa: $1.70
I did not have any earnings from my 2 pages on Wizzley in January, 2012 and will not update my Yahoo! Voices earnings because I did not reach payout in January, 2012 and you cannot find your earnings by month until you reach payout.  I also earned $0.38 from Examiner.

Total Earnings for January, 2012: $75.29

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writing Tip: Write About What You Don't Know

While typically advice is to write about you know, I also advise that you write about what you don't know.  Meaning if a question comes up where you end up performing a Google search for the answer, why not use the information you learn to write an article about it? If you have are searching for an answer, odds are other people are going to do such a search as well.

Recently, I must have stepped on glass and ended up with a shard of glass buried deep in my foot. While some ways to get glass out of the foot is pretty common sense, I figured I would search for any other methods to remove glass from the foot in case there was anything I wasn't thinking of. After I searched several sites for advice on getting glass out of your foot, I wrote an article on Infobarrel about the various methods and ended up publishing How to Get a Shard of Glass Out of Your Foot.  Next time you find yourself searching for the answer to a question online, think about whether other might be performing the same search and write an article to answer the question

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011 Earnings from Writing Online & 2012 Writing Goals

Happy New Year! 2011 has come to a close and 2012 has started.  I have updated all of my making money earnings and made a total of $585.48 this year by writing online.  I made $554.32 from writing articles and $31.16 from affiliate sales.  A more detailed break-down of my earnings per program is below.

My goal for 2012 is by the end of the year to be making $500 per month.  A huge goal!  I hope to become more diligent about promoting all of my articles and creating backlinks for them.  I also plan to write, write, write.  I hope to have at least 100 articles/pages for each site that I write for by the end of the year and will greatly increase the number of articles I write for Infobarrel.  (I haven't written for Infobarrel in almost 2 months!)  This year I received my first tier 1 lens for Squidoo: Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon.  I plan to promote this lens so that it remains tier 1 all year and create at least 1 new lens that becomes tier 1.  (Ideally, I would like to end 2012 with 5 tier 1 lenses).   I also plan to create more pages at Wizzley, where although I have 2 very simple pages, I am pulling in strong Adsense earnings per page.

My 2011 Squidoo Earnings: $100.99
My 2011 Infobarrel Earnings: $20.38
My 2011 Bukisa Earnings: $11.81
My 2011 Triond Earnings: $2.14
My 2011 Associated Content Earnings: $94.62
My 2011 Hubpages Earnings: $2.61
My 2011 Wizzley Earnings: $1.76
My 2011 Examiner Earnings: $9.71
My 2011 eHow Earnings: $310.30

How did you do in 2011?  What are your writing goals for 2012?