Monday, November 21, 2011

Squidoo Article Breaks Tier 1!

I have previously written about how my Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon lens is my most popular lens on Squidoo.  It has consistently remained in Tier 2 and occasionally flirted with Tier 1.  This weekend, however, it not only flirted with Tier 1, it full on broke into Tier 1! (I'm sure in a large part helped by the fact that it received a Squidoo Angel Blessing on Friday.)  On Saturday it hovered around 1,800  (Tier 1 lenses rank from 1-2000) but this morning it shot up to 633!  My articles is in the Top 1000!  I've never come anywhere close.  I'm going to keep promoting my Daily Deal Sites lens in hopes I can get it into the Top 500 and eventually the Top 100.  On of the major perks of being a Tier 1 lens is that when payout comes there is a huge jump in payout.  Last month a Tier 2 lens received a payment of approximately $8 whereas a Tier 1 lens was approximately $45!  Here's hoping my Daily Deal Sites lens stays in the Tier 1 for the rest of this month (enough to average as Tier 1) and all of next month!  It will be much tougher when the value of the Angel Blessing (giving any lens a tempoarary lensrank boost wears off) but it also gives me the motivation to backlink and promote my lens (by writing more articles on other sites) in hopes of keeping it a Tier 1 lens.

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