Monday, November 21, 2011

Squidoo Earnings

I've been focused a bit on getting my Squidoo lenses up to snuff.  I've been a bit lax in the past and many fell into the "work in progress" category.  (All Squidoo lenses with a lensrank under 4,000 are marked as "works in progress" and not promoted on the Squidoo site.  Also there were a lot of lenses that were falling out of paid tiers (only the lenses with a rank of 85,000 or higher are eligible for a share of the income from ads on Squidoo).  Therefore, I updated my lenses, added content where needed, and published some lenses that needed to be published.  I also transferred some of my poorly performing lenses to a different Squidoo account to be worked on later.  I now have 71 featured lenses and 9 work in progress lenses.  In addition, I decided to write an article about my Squidoo earnings and payouts.  You can follow my journey of making money by writing articles and creating Squidoo lenses by checking out my Squidoo Earnings lens which will now be updated with each payout.  I consistently make payout every month with Squidoo and while I have not put in enough time to consistently get a high income from Squidoo, it is a steady income.

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