Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Squidoo Payout!

My first Squidoo payout was this month (February of 2011) and it was for earnings generated in December of 2010. I earned revenue for two lenses: Top Holiday Toys and Top 10 Toys for Grade-Schoolers .

From my Top Holiday Toys lens, I earned $0.26 because it was a Tier 3 lens and $1.89 from Amazon sales from the lens. Because this lens is a seasonal lens, I don't anticipate earning anything for the rest of the year. But hopefully the lens will gain more popularity in November and December of subsequent years and provide occasional income throughout the years.

From my Top 10 Toys for Grade-Schoolers lens I earned $0.69 cents for two Amazon sales from this lens. I had accidentally had my payout settings on this lens set to charity so all the income went towards charity rather than payout. Obviously, not a bad thing & I'm happy that part of my first earnings from Squidoo went towards charity.

Total Earnings: $2.79
Total Payout (minus charity & fee): $2.10