Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Most Successful Squidoo Lens: Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon

Before starting my Infobarrel Challenge, I wanted to give a bit of love to my highest ranked Squidoo lens, Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon. As many of you may know, Groupon is a popular "deal of the day" or "group coupon" site.  Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon lens gets the most traffic and is my highest ranked lens.  It is consistently a tier 2 lens and is inching its way towards tier 1 (hence why I want to give it some love).  If you don't know, Squidoo lenses are all ranked and lensrank determines how much revenue you received from the Squidoo adpool.  The higher the rank, the more you earn.  I will shortly post a blog entry about Squidoo and how the tiers and lensrank work, but right now my goal is for this blog post to serve as a good backlink for my Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon lens, so in order to have relevant keywords, etc... it's best if I talk about that lens.

Groupon has spawned many popular "Groupon clones" like LivingSocial or Social Steals.  Most recently, Google got into the daily deal game with Google Offers.  My Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon lens, offers a comprehensive guide to the many Groupon clone sites that keep popping up and describes each of the daily deal sites so you know what they offer and what cities they offer them for.  If you don't know what Groupon is (have you been living under a rock?!--jk!), well Groupon sends daily e-mails with group coupons that harness the power of social buying and offers discounts of 50 -90% off the best things in your city, such as restaurants, bars, salons, spas, and other retailers.  So if you haven't signed-up, sign-up for Groupon and go check out my Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon lens so you can learn about and sign-up for all of the other Groupon competitors--and hopefully help push my Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon lens to tier 1!

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  1. A new site is that offers over 300 online games to earn deal dollars to be used towards the purchase of a daily deal. Also, they offer tournaments where users can win a daily deal. Great way to save and have fun too!