Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A great and important way to get traffic to your website or paid to write articles is through backlinking.  Backlinking is also important for high rankings in search results.  i have recently been experimenting with backlinks at 3 different sites: RedGage, SheToldMe, and Best-Reviewer.  One of the positives about these sites are that not only do they help drive more traffic to your site, but you can also earn income throught them. For everylink shared on SheToldMe or Best-Reviewer, adsense ads with your adsense id are placed on that sites.  You get 100% of the adsense revenue from those clicks (adsense ads with the adsense id of the site owners are placed elsewhere on the page where your link is promoted).  With RedGage, you earn a set amount per thousand views of your link, this varies depending upon the success of the site as well as the quality of the link you are sharing. Right now it's about 60 cents per 1000 views--not a ton of money but remember your goal with RedGage is backlinks, the extra revenue is a bonus. I only joined RedGage yesterday and shared about 10 links, within a matter of minutes I had earned 3 cents. Not exactly going to retire on that income; but a nice start and encouraging considering on many other sites it takes days, weeks or even earn one penny. For more info on getting backlinks to your site or article, you can check out these books below that are available on Amazon.

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