Saturday, July 23, 2011

Take Advantage of Popular News Items: Amy Winehouse Dead

Back To Black [Explicit]
I am overdue for an update on my Infobarrel Challenge, but first wanted to share a tip on getting paid 2 write online--take advantage of the headlines!  If there is a big news item that you know will be getting a lot of internet searches, jump on it and write something! Especially if it is about a celebrity and there's no bigger celebrity news than a celebrity death (except maybe a celebrity wedding or break-up!)

It was recently announced that Rehab singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home.  I quickly jumped on the news and wrote articles on sites that I knew had instant publishing (why waste time on articles that won't be published right away and miss out on the heavy spike of Internet searches as the news goes viral?)

So I wrote my first "Amy Winehouse is Dead" article for Triond: Amy Winehouse: Dead at 27.  I then backlinked this article on SheToldMeSo and RedGage.  I even backlinked the SheToldMeSo and RedGage backlinks to themselves.  With RedGage, I even uploaded a blog post with a trackback link to Amy Winehouse: Dead at 27 and submitted it for RedGage's knowledge based content.  (I've put examples of these backlinks at the bottom of the blog post.) 

Then I wrote an Associated Content article, only to realize that while in the past "Display Only" articles on Associated Content went live automatically, there is now a!

I then created a Squidoo lens about Winehouse's death: Amy Winehouse Dead at 27.  This was an opportunity to also backlink my Triond article as well as try to gain some revenue from purchases of Amy's CDs and singles which I promoted on the lens.  I also was able to use the Google News module and the Twitter News module to provide up to date content on the lens about Amy's death.  I also of course, backlinked Amy Winehouse Dead at 27 with SheToldMeSo and RedGage.

When publishing Amy Winehouse Dead at 27, I quickly threw something together and in the future will continue to add more and expand the lens.  Ideas include more detail about Amy Winehouse's life and struggles, utilizing my affiliate programs, such as AllPosters and Zazzle and promoting their products about Amy Winehouse and also creating new lenses and articles that can be backlinked through that site and backlink to that site, topics include surprising celebrity deaths and the dangers of drug an alchol addiction.

This is an example of how you can take an hot news item and work it to your advantage to gain views to your articles and webpages.

Here are my backlinks related to Amy Winehouse's death:

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