Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First Infobarrel Article!

I finally published my first Infobarrel article! I hit a few roadblocks because some of my old eHow articles were either too short or (even though they have been 100% removed from eHow) were showing up as being published elsewhere.  So I got a little discouraged and took a break from publishing eHow articles.  Instead I wrote a new article about my experience with a horrible ear infection and remedies I have learned.

In April, I had a terrible ear infection that came on suddenly and painfully.  (I have a very high pain tolerance and this pain was unbearable!) It turned out to be a fungal infection, not the typical bacterial infection.  It was only a few weeks ago (2 months after the initial infection!) that the infection finally cleared up.  In the process I learned a lot of remedies for how to treat and cure fungal infections as well as  how to relieve the pain caused by fungal ear infections.  The most common and easiest home remedy is a solution comprised of 50% vinegar and 50% rubbing alcohol.  The treatment that proved most effective for me was the use of gentian violet.

Check out my Infobarrel article about my experience with my fungal ear infection as well as treatment and home remedies for fungal ear infections here: Fungal Ear Infection Treatment

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