Thursday, July 21, 2011

Infobarrel Challenge: Week 1

Well I've got to admit, my Infobarrel Challenge started out pretty weak. On the 15th, I was swamped at work and went out for drinks with co-workers so I had no time to write. I figured I could "cheat" and count an article I wrote about Groupon on the 14th that was published on the 15th as an article for the 15th.
The only problem? I didn't write any more articles until the 18th, however on the 18th I did write three articles.  As the first week comes to a close I have written 9 articles and am actually ahead of my 30 articles in 30 days pace.

Week 1
Goal: 7 articles 
Articles Written: 9

These are my articles from the first week of my Infobarrel Challenge:
How to File a Case at the SDNY
How to Not Get Buried by Student Loan Debt

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