Monday, August 1, 2011

Infobarrel Challenge: Halfway There

So the halfway mark for my personal 30 articles in 30 days Infobarrel Challenge has come and gone. Despite a slow start, I made it through the first week ahead of schedule with 9 articles.  At this point, I should have at least 15 articles and have done some intense backlinking.  I have not been very diligent about backlinking and learned something--I hate backlinking!  It's a necessary evil for making money online, but I personally prefer to spend my time writing new articles rather than backlinking.  I have continued to stay ahead of pace and have written 18 articles in the first 15 days of my Infobarrel Challenge.

Halfway Through Challenge
Goal: 15 articles
Articles Written: 18

The articles I have published since my last update are listed below.
How to Manage Your Finances Using ING Subaccounts
How to Gain Admission to the New York State Bar
Vitamins That Prevent Blackheads
How to Prevent a Hangover
New York Attorney Notary Public Application
The Biryani House Cart (Liberty Plaza)
Places That Help Pay Rent

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