Saturday, January 16, 2010

eHow Earnings Update: Jan. 1-15, 2010

It's halfway through the month so I thought I'd do an update on how I am doing for the month of January with eHow. I've been a little lax in writing articles this past week (I've written none), but I wrote a ton at the beginning of the month.

EHow "accidentally" posted the US articles on the UK site, which they can't compensate writers for, so earnings have been lower this month than they should be. (Views have been directed to UK articles instead of US articles on Google.) Hopefully when they resolve the issue my earnings will be much higher, but right now they're averaging lower than they should.

eHow Earnings Jan 1-15, 2010: $14.27
eHow Earnings to Date: $49.29
Number of Articles on Jan 1: 75
Number of Articles on Jan 15: 175

In order for you to get a sense of which articles are high earners, quick earners, etc... I will also post some of my top articles.
Highest Earning Article All Time: How to Tell if a Mango is Ripe
Highest Earning Article Per Click: How to Write a Health Care Proxy in New York
Newest Article that Has Earned Money: How to Make a Liquid Viagra Written: 1/10/2010 (Note: I hadn't written any articles since 1/11/2010)
Oldest Article that Has Earned Nothing: How to Upload Videos from Your Computer to Your TiVo Written: 9/4/2009

If you want to check out my eHow articles, you can go here.

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