Sunday, August 4, 2013

SirGo--A Squidoo Clone & My New Squidoo Alternative?

As Squidoo continues to undergo a number of changes and lock lensmasters' accounts, including my own, many lensmasters are looking for new Squidoo alternatives to transfer their old lenses to.  While there are already many established sites like Wizzley and Hubpages that are great platforms to create pages, they don't have all of the same modules that Squidoo has.  One module in particular that Squidoo has that Wizzley and Hubpages are missing is the "Black Box" module.  It can be found in Zujava, but I'm currently in the Zujava Petting Zu and have been waiting for an editor to review my leaves for about a month.

I've lost patience with losing income from the dozens of lenses that I spent hours and hours working on.  I have not received a response to my appeal and it is time to move on and publish my lenses elsewhere.  Some of my lenses will go to Hubpages, Wizzley, and even new Blogger blogs, but a few are formatted in such a way that I want to be able to keep the same formatting and use a "Black Box" module.  Enter SirGo.

SirGo has the "Black Box" module (although it is called the "Notice" module).  I decided to use SirGo to republish my earnings lenses and started with my lens about my Yahoo! Voices earnings.  SirGo is a bit slow to publish and is missing some key modules such as the link list module.  I was a bit frustrated with SirGo as it freezes a lot and I found it did not work well with Chrome and it was better to use Firefox for publishing my SirGo page.  You can see my first SirGo page here and compare it with the old Squidoo lens using the Wayback Machine here.

I'm not sure I am settled on SirGo as my new Squidoo alternative and I will probably test it out and see how some of my pages do on SirGo versus other writing platforms.  You make money with SirGo with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

You an start making pages with SirGo by going here.

What is your Squidoo alternative?


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