Friday, November 22, 2013


My latest paid to write addiction is Bubblews.  Bubblews is a paid to write site where you write short posts (bubblews) that must be a minimum of 400 characters each.  You can paid for each view, like, comment, and social media share that your posts receive.

Bubblews essentially doubles as a social media site as you make connections with the site and your connections will read, like, and comment on your posts (provided you do the same for them.)

Bubblews also places a cap on how many posts you can write per day of 10.

You can redeem your earnings from Bubblews once you have accrued $25.00 worth of earnings.  You can be paid via Paypal, check or pre-paid credit card.

You also receive a nominal fee for referring new members to Bubblews.

I have been actively Bubbling this week and find my earnings accruing with Bubblews at a much faster rate than any other site.  I cashed out two days ago and already I have another $15 in my bank and am hoping to be able to cash out again tomorrow--depending upon how much time I can spend on Bubblews today and tomorrow.

Bubblews is so easy, I find I can write posts as well as interact with my fellow Bubblers accounts while watching TV.  The Bubblews community is great and I find Bubblers are great about reading, commenting on, and liking their connections posts making it very easy to accrue earnings rapidly.

You can check out my Bubblews profile page and posts here and sign-up for Bubblews here.

If you sign-up, please connect with me.  I try very hard to read, comment on and/or like all of my connections posts.  You get notifications of all of your connections posts which makes it much easier to interact with them.


  1. Good luck on your bubblews journey. I also have also written there, but the site isn't good in paying. there's more complaints that thanks. I myself have 3 unpaid and 1 paid, so it's enough for me to leave. I am currently writing for one get paid to write site. I don't suggest Bubblews to my friends since it's too risky whether the site pays them even if they are not violating any rules. I only have 2 in mind, Expertscolumn and Snydle , but so far.. is the best.


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