Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Power of Twitter

A great way to promote your articles and gain backlinks is by using Twitter.  If you have a lot of Twitter followers that is an instant audience for your articles, but you can also get readers through the power of re-tweets.  One example of "the power of Twitter" that I have experienced recently is by promoting my The Real Housewives of Orange County lens by tweeting a poll on that lens regarding readers favorite OC housewives.  A couple of days ago, I tweeted that Tamra Barney & Gretchen Rossi were the most popular OC housewives according to the poll (I had already had a few responses) and was sure to use their Twitter names.  Tamra retweeted my tweet and since then, there has been a constant stream of people voting in the poll and visiting the link.  I have also gained more Twitter followers and other users have retweeted my tweet.  Today, I have had over 200 readers of my The Real Housewives of Orange County lens and hopefully they are sticking around to check out my other lenses as well.  This boost of traffic is great for increasing my lensrank on Squidoo (equaling higher payouts) and hopefully for resulting in more sales through the page.  My The Real Housewives of Orange County lens has already had success in selling products through Amazon.  So keep in mind when writing articles to be sure to tweet your article or a portion of the article (such as a poll or quiz) to your Twitter followers.

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