Monday, December 5, 2011

Writing Tip: Think Ahead

When thinking of topics to write about, try to think 1 to 2 months ahead as to holidays or event that will receive a lot of traffic. For example, right now it is early December, therefore you should think of writing articles about New Year's, Valentine's Day, and even St. Patrick's Day. The reason being that by the time people are searching for info on these holidays, you will have had the opportunity to properly backlink and promote your articles and search engines will have had the time to find and index your articles. Thinking ahead will ensure that your articles are primed to get the most traffic as possible.
Didn't think ahead? It's December and you probably have Christmas on your mind but worry it's too late to write about it--it isn't! Lots of people are searching for Christmas stuff now so you can certainly benefit from writing Christmas articles in December and even if they aren't as highly ranked as they could be or don't have much backlink juice yet, don't worry! They will be primed and ready to go next year when people start searching for Christmas themed articles.

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